Zucchini and rabbit provide inexpensive, large meals

I may have stumbled onto the solution to world hunger. Perhaps just to end hunger in the United States. We have a garden. It is now a rather pathetic garden after suffering the ravages of too much rain and oppressively hot weather.

Through it all, one vegetable flourished. It is the zucchini. Our tomatoes are tasty, but small with many spots. The wax and green beans are producing, but the mosquito bites are discouraging. Our beets suffered from something eating off the tops. The sweet corn still looks good, but my husband cautions raccoons will eat it about a day before it is ready for harvest.

However, the zucchini is untouched. It seems to produce more rapidly with each passing day.

Our situation is common. At least, I believe that because of the number of folks with excess zucchini. A quick check on the Internet found over 21 million links to zucchini in two tenths of a second; a popular vegetable.

These recipes range from main course to dessert. I found dinner tonight with the stuffed zucchini recipe. The baked zucchini fries I marked for preparing with my grandkids. The cold summer soup read like a variation of gazpacho. I will not try that. I hate cold soup.

I do plan to try the zucchini lasagna. I love lasagna. The ratatouille sounds promising, too. There is a zucchini cake that reads like a variation of carrot cake. It is quite interesting. The baker submitting the recipe included a photo of the original recipe in her grandmothers handwriting. I think everyone has baked at least one loaf of zucchini bread. If only it used more than one cup of zucchini.

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