Trial by fire no error at Delaware

Parkhills Shawn Thompson rose from the ashes to take a checkered flag at Delaware Speedway Friday (Aug. 9).

A fire leveled his shop just two weeks prior to the race and almost took his #72 car with it, melting the windows and damaging other components.

But the only smoke near the #72 car on Friday was coming from the tires as Thompson won his qualifying heat and the 40-lap FT Garage Late Models feature.

After winning his qualifying heat Thompson thanked the half-dozen or so guys who worked for days to get the car ready for the track.

It felt pretty good to be in victory lane after a fire.

Thompson made a show of it on his way to the feature win. He made a run for the lead on lap 28, but Jamie Cox and his #22 car fought off his bump and run attempt setting the stage for a duel in the last quarter of the race.

Thompson didnt take the lead until there were just two laps left. Cox finished second and Londons Justin Demelo (#82), who led from lap eight until lap 19, finished third.

Friday nights action also saw a 35-lap Coca Cola Super Stocks feature, a 25-lap Demar Aggregates Trucks and V8 Stocks feature and a special all Trucks and Mini-Van King of the Hill Spectators Race in support of Jesses Journey.

Dorchesters Matt Robelee (#55) took a different route to victory lane than Thompson did. Instead of taking the lead close to the white flag, he got out in front of the pack in lap two of the Coca Cola Super Stocks feature and never looked back.

Brandon Verhoeven (#7) of Kerwood posted a personal best with a second place finish and Dorchesters Shae Gemmell (#3), who has won the event before, placed third.

There were two cautions in the race, one involving series championship contender Jeff Showler (#44).

The sun just keeps shining for Belmonts Gary Adriaensen (#55), who rolled into victory lane for the sixth time this season with a win in the Demar Aggregates Trucks and V8 Stocks feature.

The race started with Trevor Collver (#51) of Lucan in the lead but he was overtaken swiftly by Brady Smith (#39) of Coldstream, who kept the lead warm for series points leader Adriaensen, who got out in front in lap 16 and held on for the checkered flag.

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